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Luxury Wine Cellars

Here are some interesting and luxurious wine cellars.

In-Floor Wine Cellar

This $55,000 in-floor wine cellar works for homes that don’t have basements. It is very space efficient and makes for an impressive show piece.

Luxury Italian Interactive Wine Cellar

Luxury Wine Cellars

Underground Backyard Wine Cellar With Hidden Room

This is found in an expensive home in California. It is well hidden in the backyard and its entry path has an atmosphere reminiscent of castles and hidden tunnels.

Three Mansion Wine Cellars – All Unique 

The first was built in a previous monastery. The second holds 13,200 bottles. The Third is a dine-in wine cellar.

Bullet-Proof Wine Cellar Doubles as Panic Room

This Australian home has a place to stay safe and de-stress while under attack. If you’re going to go, might as well do it in style.

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