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Agincourt North (Toronto) Hidden Community

Agincourt North (Toronto) Has A Hidden Community from the 1970s Where you Can Raise a Family!

Agincourt North is an arbitrarily defined local neighbourhood within Toronto, though small, has noticeable differences in housing, lifestyle, and even socio-economics. Chosen by many individuals for its proximity to the much more sought after neighbourhood of Agincourt (just  to the southwest), the neighbourhood spans north and south of Finch Ave East running east from Midland Avenue and to Middlefield Road. The neighbourhood’s strongest commonality is Woodside Square and, of course, the schools, such as Francis Libermann High School.

The neighbourhood contains a fairly isolated pocket, built in the late 70s which known by very few people, and which I refer to as the “Chartwell Block. It is the area bordered by Middlefield, Huntingwood, McCowan and Finch. Those that live there tend to stay for decades and for many it is where they will purchase their first and only home.

Since the announcement in 2015 from MetroLinks about the doubling of the tracks and traffic through Agincourt Go Station and the subsequent appreciation of house prices in Agincourt, Agincourt North has also benefitted from the spill-over. Many families wanting to live in Agincourt proper, but unable to afford the higher prices have discovered this block to be a great alternative at a much more affordable price.

The Chartwell Block

According to Environics Analytics (2015), statistics for the block show that over 85% of the residences are owner-occupied, of which 48.25% are single family detached, 19.58% are semi-detached, 18.8% are row houses, and 6.99% are detached duplex, with the remaining 7% being apartment buildings.

As for family life, they have impressive numbers; 54.38% are married (and not separated), 27.42% are single (never legally married), 9.45% are widowed, 5.3% are divorced, 1.84% are separated and 1.61% are living common-Law. English is spoken at home by 39.13% of the population, followed by Cantonese at 24.31% (Mandarin 4.94%), Tamil at 10.28%. Though 39.33% claim no religious affiliation, 33.2% are christian, 18.18% Hindu, 4.55% Muslim, 3.95% Buddhist and 0.79% Sikh.

The largest occupation group is Sales and Service with 32.94% of the population, followed by business, finance and administration at 20.78%, education, law, social, community and government at 9.41%, natural and applied sciences at 8.24% and the rest divided among different categories.

In November of 2015 I wrote post about a house listed in the Chartwell Block on Kenhatch Blvd, which I helped sell for 110% of asking within 8 days of listing ( The house was on one of the busier streets of the blocks as it feeds from McCowan Avenue. After personally being involved with two transactions in which the homes sold quickly and at 110% of asking I wrote a post later in the month titled “Are House Prices in Scarborough (Toronto) on the Move?” (

It seems that from Toronto’s eastern shoreline, right up to North Agincourt (the areas I focus the most on) prices have jumped and continue to rise to historical levels.

Croach Crescent – Statesman Square Section

One of the best sections of this great little pocket is the Croach Crescent – Statesman Square Section (which includes part of Placentia Boulevard). The homes in this section are among the best of the block, the neighbours are friendly and they take good care of their homes. A drive through this section shows this with homeowners working on their yards or strolling and chatting with neighbours.

Based on Statistics Canada Census Dissemination Areas data, there are only 143 households in this section. The median age of the population is only about 38, comprised of 506 individuals. Over 50% are families with children. Average household size is 3.54 and average household income is about $124,000.

Developments in the Area

In addition to the doubling of the commuter rail line through Agincourt, there was an announcement in June about a new multi-million dollar daycare centre being built on the St. Bartholomew’s Separate School property located on the south side of Heather road, just west of Brimley Avenue. This is a real plus for parents of young children in the area. St. Bartholomew’s also has an award winning Kindergarten teaching staff in a school with only about 95 students. In the last few years the City has also invested in building a bridge/underpass along Sheppard Avenue between Kennedy Road and Midland Avenue. Along Bonis Avenue, there are additional condominium buildings under construction.

Homes for Sale

Since those that live in the Chartwell Block have no intentions of moving, availability of homes is tight.

Community Amenities

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