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Main Street Commercial Space for Lease or License

If you’re a performing artist, chef or small business owner you know how difficult it is to find good space in the Upper Beach or anywhere near the downtown. Any good space located on a main street with top exposure, public transit access and parking space is highly sought after, yet elusive to budget conscious start-ups, artists, entrepreneurs and business owners.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Church-Entrance-condnsed.jpgFortunately, the Calvary Baptist Church at 72 Main Street in Toronto’s Upper Beach decided this month to make some of its useful space available to those who are looking for space for their community-focused endeavor.

The 125 year old Calvary has been an iconic part of the Upper Beach community for over 125 years. With a full stage that accommodates anĀ audience of 248, a large gymnasium that is 80 feet long and 47 feet deep, a full commercial kitchen, meeting rooms, worship centre and space for more, the church can be a saviour for those in need of space for their venture or project. To make it more start-up and small business friendly, the space is available on a licensing basis to reduce the cost for everyone.

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Gymnasium: Ideal for sports leagues, gaming, tournaments, conferences, pop-ups, training and large gatherings. Can also be used by athletes, coaches, trainers and instructors. With a depth of 80 feet, this gymnasium provides space for instruction, practice or competition in volleyball, soccer, badminton, basketball, handball, floor hockey, table tennis, dance and so much more. The gymnasium can be accessed by both a main entrance and a parking lot entrance.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is stage-to-right-and-wide-condensed.jpgStage area: Ideal for musical and theatrical performances, as well as presentations, seminars, workshops, public speaks, dances, rehearsals, dinners, coaching and more. The stage facility can be accessed directly from the Main Street location. The iconic wooden doors and stone entrance way provide an excellent accent for theatrical productions, performances and theme events.


Space is available to set up studios for dance, art, yoga, or anything requiring amble space.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kitchen-condnsd.jpgCommercial Kitchen: Great for the aspiring chef, catering business, food product startup, cooking lessons or celebratory dinners. This kitchen has several stainless steel sinks, a serving window, large commercial refrigerator, commercial dishwasher, coffee maker, microwave, ovens and range.

The film industry has just discovered this great space and has begun to use the stage area and worship areas for video and film production. There is even interest from one music association to use the space. This is no surprise given the artistic talent found in the Upper Beach and Calvary’s rich history.

The plaque that is displayed outside Calvary’s main entrance shows some of the cultural, artistic and historically significant influences that are a contribution to the Upper Beach, ‘The Memorial Window and Tower’.



This historic stained glass window and “Soldiers’ Tower” which frames it are dedicated by the congregation of Calvary Baptist Church to the memory of Canadians who gave their lives in WW II. Following the first night blitz of London in 1940 a piece of glass, blown from a window in Westminster Abbey, lay on the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior. Picking it up, Padre Bob Sneyd was inspired to begin a collection. Today, fragments from 90 cathedrals and churches in England and northern Europe damaged or destroyed in that conflict are part of this window. Its unique design was created by Canadian artist Ernest Taylor. Major R.F. Sneyd CD DD served as a chaplain in the Canadian Army, 1939-45, and was minister here from 1932 to 1974.”

If you would like to explore how you can use this space to grow your venture or project contact Baldo Minaudo, M.B.A., Broker, Real Estate Homeward, 416-564-0245, based in the Beach.

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