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SuccessMania 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia

It’s been a while since my last visit to Atlanta, which partly affected my decision to attend Mike Litman’s and John Di Lemme’s SuccessMania 2006 conference in this city.

Before, I tell you about Atlanta, let me give you a quick review of the conference. I had chatted with John Di Lemme at the ‘More Heart Than Talent’ conference in Dallas, Texas in January, 2006. A good Italian boy from New York City, John carries his thick accent well and it goes well with his positive, energy charged presence. One of the things I like about John is that he involves his family and friends in his career. It reminds me of the way things are done in Sicily, even to this day. The family works together to make things happen.

Although, I’m disappointed in Mike Litman because he doesn’t show for his session during opening night.

The speakers for the conference include: Omar Periu (the Cuban immigrant who’s accumulated great wealth), Stephen Pierce (considers himself special because he got shot), Drew Miles (great information on asset protection, tax saving and wealth building strategies – but only if you’re American), John Dessauer (great perspective on the real estate market adjustment and which segments will outperform others), Scott Schilling, Ann Preston, Jerry Clark (talked about personality types), Mark Gorman (great entertainer and perspective on religion and wealth), John Childers (talked about how he could make you rich through developing your public speaking skills if you take his $30,000 program), Loral Langemeier (still trying to understand what she does and I’m not alone), Mike Litman and John Di Lemme (addressed the personal attitude and approach to achieve success) himself.

One thing I learned at this conference is to make sure that the material covered by the speakers applies outside the United States. Also, there is a big difference in both the quality of each speaker and the material they present.

The greatest success for me has been a meeting I had arranged through my contact in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada – Thomas Nisbett. Thomas and I met by chance because of mutual contacts we have. He had noticed that one of the members of his network was a Director of the Venture Capital Forum, which MetroActive Lifestyle Network, of which I’m the C.E.O. sponsors. So he placed a call in to me and our relationship has been growing. When, I told Thomas I was coming to Atlanta, he insisted on me meeting one of his associates. That meeting has now led to a strategic alliance in two of my ventures.

The following spoke at the event:

Ann Preston, Founder and CEO of Freedom Builders – Ms. Preston developed Freedom Builders’ unique sales prospecting concept and went from fired to #6 in her new firm as a financial planner. She has since trained thousands of entrepreneurs and sales professionals who have excelled using the same strategies over the past 5 years. She will teach key elements from her signature program ‘The New Way To Sell,’ including how to build instant rapport, give a killer presentation and hunt for the big deals and stop wasting time on the small deals.

John Di Lemme, Motivational Speaker – Until a young adult, John was clinically diagnosed as a stutterer and told he would never speak fluently. Today, John has achieved great success as an international motivational speaker, accomplished author and multi-million dollar entrepreneur.

John Childers, Recognized Public Speaker – John teaches the essential skill everyone needs in every business and economic environment: pubic speaking, not only on stage but whenever people must stand and deliver.

Omar Periu, Master Motivational Teacher – With a teacher’s perspective Omar helps people achieve their full potential through his two success strategies, ‘The Investigative Selling Principles’ and ‘From Management to Leadership.’

Drew Miles, Attorney – Drew combines twenty five years of business experience in the areas of asset protection, tax savings, and wealth building strategies to preserve lasting wealth.

Stephen Pierce, Mega-Marketer – Stephen will share how to successfully launch new products and marketing promotions online and offline to create instant profits.

Loral Langemeier, The Wealth Diva – Now, let me tell you about Atlanta. I haven’t been to this city in over 10 years, except for stopping between flights at the airport. This time I bought myself a weekend pass for the public transportation system and visited some interesting sites. First I went to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History to visit the chocolate exhibition. Then I went to ‘The Underground’ a huge three story underground complex with a historical flavour to it. It’s no where near as large as Toronto’s Eaton Centre (now called the Sear’s Centre by non-Canadians), but it does have a flavour of local artists and vendors. However, I’m surprised when a jazz player stops playing to tell me no pictures. How he plans to succeed without getting exposure is a mystery to me. Or perhaps he’s a wanted criminal – who knows.

While riding the public transit I come across some very interesting individuals. The people in this town are very much into their sports and proud of their athletes. In fact, I can say that with the exception of Italians and their soccer I’ve never been to a more sports passionate city in the world. One man is dressed in logos from different teams from head to foot and then has patches on top of patches and a plastic cowboy hat with some radio station on it. Maybe he’s trying to win a radio contest or something. Hey, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt here.

The hotel I’m staying at is called the Airport Hilton and as I’m typing from inside the Executive Lounge I’m also glancing at the airplanes taking off at the airport about 500 metres from my window. It’s a clear and expansive view that I’m thoroughly enjoying. The sunset is beautiful and the only thing that would make it more enjoyable is someone to share it with.

This is a larger hotel and has lots of traffic. But, if you plan to stay here, be sure to ask ahead of time if there’s a convention in the hotel. During the last few days, there has been a debating conference on for high school students and I’ve heard them in the hallways right up until three o’clock in the morning. So much for chapirones – if their parents only knew.

There’s a neat sports diner on the bottom floor of the hotel that has a good selection and reasonable prices. It’s called speeders and I recommend it if you plan to stay here. Also, book a suite that includes access to the executive lounge because that includes a good selection of food for breakfast as well as evening snacks from 5-7pm. It is worth the investment.

Tonight’s my last night in town and I’d like to visit this famous newly opened Georgia Aquarium that so many residents here seem to be proud of. Apparently, it is the largest in the world. It’s a toss up between the Aquarium or catching up on my sleep after a full week.

There has been a lot of money invested in this City since I last spent time here. Flying in I could see patches and patches of housing being built. The city has a newness about it mixed in with its historical flavour.

One final observation, the people here are very friendly. Even the utility workers stop to say hi to me and ask me how I’m doing. When was the last time that happened in New York City? – never.

All in all a positive experience.

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