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Ryerson University Shines Some Truth on Toronto Housing Situation

Ryerson shines some light on the truth surrounding the Toronto housing situation. In a Ryerson City Building Institute policy paper titled “In High Demand: Addressing the demand factors behind Toronto’s housing affordability problem”, which addresses the demand factors behind sizzling GTA home prices, two of the findings are:

– High demand, both foreign and domestic and multi-property investment and speculation, are the primary drivers; low inventory is a result of this demand.

– Although critics allege that there is weak supply, housing construction in Toronto has kept up with population growth, so demand factors beyond population growth are at play.

Having a Degree in Urban Planning from the University of Toronto, I respect Ryerson University’s reputation and work it has conducted in regards to urban planning and economics.

You can find a copy of this report through this link…

Laneway Initiative Could Increase Value of Some Toronto Homes Even Further

Taken from “Living Laneways in The City of Toronto’s Residential Neighbourhoods” by Breagh Mckeough

This could increase the value of some homes!

Breagh Mckeough in his piece titled “Living Laneways in The City of Toronto’s Residential Neighbourhoods”, written as part of his Masters of Architecture program at Dalhousie University in 2015, brings some light and understanding to the importance, concerns and opportunities, facing our laneway housing. He covers numerous design intentions, to which I would add additional units designed to preserve parking spaces through use of pillars to elevate living sections and rooftop gardens to enhance the green space and help scrub the air. This and rental income to boot!

What do you think?

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