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Custom Backyard Club House

Custom-built Children's Wooden Clubhouse
Custom-built Children’s Wooden Clubhouse – if interested

This wooden, custom-built children’s clubhouse located in the sought after neighbourhood of Agincourt in Toronto is one of a kind. It was designed and built in an afternoon by the father of three children, who also happens to own a cabinetry manufacturing company in Toronto.  Though his intention was to trim it and add a shingled room, his wife discouraged any changes as she liked the rustic character.

The clubhouse grabs your attention as you enter the yard. Children immediately run to it and find it a great play space for role playing and pretend parties.

Backyard Club Houses, Tree Houses, Sheds and other structures are great ways to improve your home lifestyle. Some of these structures, depending on their design and benefits can add some noticeable value to a property. A unique structure like this appeals to parents wanting to give their children something special.

Beyond the clubhouse itself, its character provides a reference point by which the rest of the yard can be laid out, decorated and landscaped.

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