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Duct Cleaning Service Scams

It seems that everyone is being harassed by calls from duct cleaning services. They usually are long-distance calls, they take a second or two to answer after you pick up the phone and they usually have thick Indian accents. Most of us are wise enough to know not to fall for their ‘give me your credit card number’ goal. However, these foreign tele-marketing call centres may not be the only duct cleaning scams and some maybe closer to home than you realize.

There has been a duct cleaning service that has been chasing me for months. They must have called me, sometimes not getting through, over 60 times. I wondered how they could justify all that time and effort for the $120 work they quoted me. There has to be another motivation for them to be so persistent because that just isn’t enough money for the effort. After they pay for the marketing services, and mileage (not to mention time), probably half of that is gone. Then there is the time for them to do the actual work.

One of my thoughts was that they were trying to scope out houses to see if there was anything worth steeling.  They could then return at a later date. Meanwhile, the telemarketer just kept on calling. Then, other telemarketers started calling offering the same service. It was as though the first telemarketer recruited his buddies. More fishing lines in the water increases your chances of landing a fish, right?

But, who’s paying for all this work without any sales? Who’s behind it? I know from articles I’ve come across that the call centres get paid for every call answered regardless of a sale. Their clients in Toronto, that is if it isn’t a credit card scam and they actually have a company, must be getting enough sales to justify that extra cost. But, then again how can they make money at $120? I concluded they can’t make money, so there is definitely something else going on.

Then I came across this youtube video that explains a scam you should be aware of. I’ve also included a second video that shows you how to clean your own ducts.


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