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He does not want it!

In the movie, Dances With Wolves there is a scene in which is a significant key to the major socio-economic-political difference between most societies.

The movie is the story of an American soldier during the frontier times when the West was being settled.  A single solder was sent to man a fort, which became of interest to one of the nomadic Sioux tribe of the time.  Somehow the soldier made contact with and started building a relationship with the Sioux.  The bond grew so great that he considered them his family.  He even participated in a great Buffalo haunt at their side.  In the battle he had dropped his hat and forgot about it because he was occupied with saving a young boy’s life.

Later that evening as he’s recanting the story to the tribe around the fire, a Sioux warror enters the tent wearing his hat and as he claims his hat back the Indian replies:

“He left it on the Prairie. He did not want it” or something to that effect.

I thought about it for a while and realized the significance of this one comment. There are many aspects and consequences of this philosophy of finders keepers.  In North America we have laws to protect people’s possessions.  These laws make it possible for you to leave your home for work in the morning and expect it to be there and available for you when you return.  But, what if a street person were to see it was empty and break in because he/she needed it and it wasn’t being used.  Or went into your refridgerator and ate your food because it was there and well if you left it there, then you didn’t want it.  Right?

Yet, this is exactly the philosophy that nomads would need in order to survive.  They take what they need, nothing more, nothing less.  Unfortunately, most people in urban areas that take from others don’t really take just what they need, but what they can get away with.

Imagine what it would be like if you could use whatever resources were available, regardless of who owned them.  Of course, it would mean that the use of these items wouldn’t deplete them or preclude them from being used by the owner.  So what’s wrong with using these resources?

I know this is a dangerous comment, especially to those sensitive to the dangers of communism and socialism, but it isn’t about politics, but necessity.  You see, nomads aren’t in for a free ride.  The seek their food daily and work with the tribe in order for everyone to exist.  In the city, many people are supported by government and programs and sadly contribute nothing to helping the community move function properly.  It is as though the politicians are trying to buy them off to keep them quite and out of the way because they don’t know how to deal with them.

Well, I know how to deal with them.  I have the solution on how to include them in a productive way in our society and help them in their happiness and success in life.  I’d like to roll-out this solution and it is one of the reasons why I have thought about running for politics many times.

If you ever come across an impactive comment, let me know about it.

Until then, enjoy your resources and assets.

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  1. The answer is based on the fundamental principals of personal development addressed by social psychologists such as Abraham Maslow (and his hierarchy of needs) over the last few decades. It addresses meeting the basic human needs of food and shelter, while developing sustainable and escalatable skills that allow individuals to contribute in a meaningful way to the rest of the community and our society in general. I have various models that fulfill this type of approach. It is commonsensicle. So what’s stopping me you may ask, time and resources. At least for now.

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