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Idea Incubator Conference in Anaheim, California

I’m in Anaheim, California for the Idea Incubator Conference presented by Stu McLaren (a resident of Waterdown, Ontario).

Anaheim is very much a tourist town, primarily because DisneyLand is located in town.  Most of the better hotels are located near the theme park and they cater to the vacationing family.  The Homewood Suites by Hilton hotel offers me a complimentary breakfast and dinner, which comes in handy in preparing for a long day of sessions.  Even without the complimentary meals there are plenty of local restaurants to choose from.

The seminar is promoted as being an opportunity to learn from successful, innovative entrepreneurs that are making lots of money through the internet.  Among the line up are (number in bracket represents my rating of the speaker’s quality – 1 is low 5 is high): Alex Mandossian (3.5), Armand Morin (4.5), Matt Bacak (3), Stephen Pierce (2), Jeff Walker (2), David Frey (3), Paul Colligan (3), Jeanette Cates (3) and of course Stu McLaren (2.5) himself.  I’m still not sure what Stu’s expertise is, but he seems to enjoy talking in front of the audience and sharing his personal stories.

I recommend this conference to any entrepreneur wanting to find out what others are doing to make money on the internet.  However, it can be quite overwhelming.  Also, be prepared to spend lots of extra money if you want to apply some of the wisdom.  The speakers are promoting their other services and programs, which cost from about $1000 to well above $5000.

These are not all great speakers, but then again I’m not after the entertainment factor, but rather the education benefits.

The other plus is that the atmosphere of the conference is notably different from many of the other conferences I’ve attended.  It feels more genuine, caring and generally more pleasant.  I attribute this primarily to the fact that Stu McLaren is a young Canadian committed to building his success team.  There is no doubt in my mind that this young man has a long successful career ahead of him.

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