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Ocean City, Maryland…in the shadow of Atlantic City

Last week I spent a few days in Ocean City, Maryland.  I had heard about this place but didn’t realize that it was a resort type of town.  In retrospect the name should have been a clue.

Ocean city is very much a Florida style city based on the automobile and catering to a mix of young adults, young families and retirees.  The city is located on a peninsula with water on both sides.  At many points in the city you can see both bodies of water.  Located just 3 hours from Atlantic City and 1.5 hours from Baltimore, for those with an automobile, Ocean City provides lots of options.

There are lots of restaurants to choose from.  However, don’t expect any bargains.  I found Ocean city to be surprisingly expensive.  I had a challenge finding an egg and toast breakfast for anything less than $15 U.S.  I expected sea food to be reasonable and it was a lot more expensive than what I would pay in Toronto, a large city.

Though I should not be surprised since I found seafood to also be expensive in Baltimore. There doesn’t seem to be much commercial fishing in Maryland, even though it is on the ocean. Seafood is actually imported, from as far as Asia. If only I had brought my fishing gear.

Nonetheless, the sun and beaches are beautiful in Ocean City.  The weather was warm while I was there, but not uncomfortably so.  I would consider buying a place in this resort town were it not for the fact that in the winter time it wouldn’t be warm enough for me to really consider it a warm climate.

The race segregation and tension doesn’t seem to be as tense in Ocean City as it is in Baltimore.

Overall, Ocean City is a safe place to meet new people, enjoy the sun and beach during most of the year.

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