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Thoughts Are Things

Napoleon Hill writes that “Thoughts Are Things”. 

Thoughts carry with them ideas, beliefs and even feelings.  Thoughts are at the core of The Law of Attraction.  Thoughts are the building blocks of the vision you have for your future and therefore that which you will manifest.

Be selective, be careful in the thoughts you hold.  Protect them with all your intention.  Know what you want and then choose those thoughts that support what you want.

In Think and Grow Rich, Hill cites Edwin C. Barnes and his quest to be Thomas Edison’s associate.  During his journey he kept his thoughts and vision even though he began working in Edison’s office at a very nominal wage.  Yet, he had what he needed to move towards his goal, which he later achieved.

Thoughts are things, and the more passion and feeling we associate with thoughts the greater the power they have.  What thoughts are you holding to help you with your success?

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