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At Writer's Club In Body, and With Money In Mind

This Tuesday was the last session for the MetroActive Writer’s Club at the University of Toronto for the 2005/2006 season.  Cindy Stone has done a marvelous job running the club and I’ve learned so much from the sessions.

I’ve been so inspired by these writer’s club sessions that I still was in attendance even though I had an important contract to review for a business acquisition.  So, you can say that although my body was there my spirit, my mind was on the agreement.  So as I sat at the back of the room, my ears were on the speaker and my eyes were on my laptop screen.  How does that multi-tasking work again?

Anyway, I must have been doing something right because I walked away with lots of learning and still reviewed and made notes on a 42 page legal document.  

Afterwards, the speaker commented on how he had never seen somone so interested in what he was saying that I would try and take it all down. I chuckled out loud and explained the situation to him.  Seeing the disappointed in his eyes, I referred to some of the comments he made and what I took away from them. Then I invited him for a quick beer across the street.

Sometimes juggling tasks can put stresses on relationships, even the people I may not know that well yet. So, it I have to remind myself that life is about humanity, about connecting with others, not about tasks.  Remind me of that when you see me, well you?

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