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Men Prefer Educated Women…

Men prefer educated women, at least according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal.  Who wrote the article you ask, well an educated woman of course.

Ah, I see one could say.  Well lets look at this rationally.  We have social scientists researching the preference of men concerning women of various educational levels.  Their conclusion is that men prefer educated women.  Oh really?

Well, they’re sort of right, or perhaps half right.  Personally, yes I prefer educated women.  For a number of reasons, such as I have more in common with educated women, I enjoy conversations with educated women, primarily because they tend to be deeper and broader and I have much more in common with educated women, because I myself have a higher education.

Yet, many of my single male friends, actually most of my male friends prefer women that don’t challenge them mentally or in which they have to engage in deep conversations.  In fact, one of my good friends is an aeronautic engineer and he has an extensive track record of dating what I would call barely educated women, most of which are also high maintenance and emotionally underdeveloped.

So then just who was interviewed by the research referred to by the Wall Street Journal?  Well, unless it was a fully stratified, radom sample, it could have been based on anecdotal research involving individuals within their circle of influence.  If those studied are educated people, do you think they would hang out with non-educated individuals? I’m sure some will, but from my experience, most educated people prefer to hang around educated people.

Perhaps the Wall Street Journal would be wise to state that well-educated men (rather than all men) prefer well-educated women.


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