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Mineral Exploration Roundup 2009 (Jan.26-29, 2009)

This conference is reputed to be the largest gathering of geologist in the world.  Arriving at the social event sponsored by one of the provinces I now believe it is the largest gathering of its kind.  There must have been 3000 geologists at this one event alone, packed in so tight that if you had an itch to scratch you had to make sure you were scratching your own and not someone else’s.

The trade show was filled with all kinds of exhibitors representing everything from the latest exploration technology to mining safety to provincial Ministries to mining and exploration companies.  But, by far the greatest part was chatting with the interesting characters we call ‘geologists’ or ‘geos’.  In high school I took the top academic award for Geography and I guess that love has stuck with me because I was just fascinated by my discussions at this conference – next time I’ll carry a dictionary with me.

One story I didn’t need a dictionary for was about how this prospector fought off a bear attack.  And then there is the one about how the 22 year old going for a jog started being chased by a bear…it turned into an unexpected run, including hurdles and climbing.

Before the conference is over I find another great opportunity that could enable one part of my corporate plans.  This in particular I did not expect, which makes it that more special.  Yippee!

Now I have to head back to the office and follow up on these and other projects, not to mention get ready for the world-famous PDAC Conference, otherwise known as the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Conference.

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